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Pool Sanctioning

AAA Pool League Players are currently sanctioned through the Valley National 8-Ball Association (VNEA), a non-profit organization established to promote the game of pool on coin-operated equipment. Our league players have the opportunity to be eligible to participate in regional and national tournaments. BCA, MPA, and ACS sanctioning also available.

AAA offers Traveling or In-House Leagues. Traveling Leagues play at their home location half of the time and are away for the other half. In-House Leagues always play at their home location.

When joining a Traveling League, you have several choices, which are:
⦁    The season in which you would like to play – we divide our pool league year into two seasons: Fall/Winter and Summer.
⦁    The day you play – we offer leagues on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

For In-House Leagues, the bar usually makes these decisions.


The rules originate from those of our sanctioning body, the Valley National 8-Ball Association (VNEA).