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EMV Needs for ATMs

Are You Working on your ATM EMV Needs Yet?

The industry has been talking about EMV for over a year now and you probably feel like you know everything you need to know. You may have even received a quote so you feel like you’re organized and ready to pull the trigger when it becomes a priority for you. I mean, the MasterCard deadline isn’t until October 1st so what’s the rush, right?

Manufacturer Price Increase

As predicted, the prices on your EMV kits are about to go up. The first wave of kits is almost depleted so the 2nd round of orders being purchased from the manufacturers sounds as if the price will increase about $40 more per kit. If you have 10 ATMs that could increase your overall EMV budget by an additional $400 for example.

When I think of all the customers I work with that have their whole portfolio to still work on it concerns me. To all those that still need to get their ATMs upgraded – chop chop! Time is of the essence. Get your orders done now and if you don’t, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

– Molly Stewart, Lieberman Companies

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