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EMV VISA liability shift

EMV VISA Liability Shift

VISA liability shift coming this October

Another deadline for EMV compliance is approaching this fall. The EMV liability shift for VISA is effective October 1, 2017. If any type of fraud is committed using a VISA debit card on an ATM, the liability shifts to the ATM owner.

Minnesota customers will likely see more of an impact. On average over 30% of ATM transactions in Minnesota are from VISA cards. MasterCard represented under 10% of ATM transactions.

Benefits to complying with EMV

By operating an EMV-compliant machine, owners will have fewer fraud-related chargebacks due to skimming and stolen cards. There is also a devaluation of data which is less attractive to hackers and it is good for your overall image – investments in security increase cardholder confidence.

In October 2016, the liability shift for Mastercard went into effect. Many operators upgraded with an EMV kit or new machine, but many have not. If an ATM owner chooses not to upgrade, they will be risking liability for ATM fraud.

We are happy to assist in upgrading your ATMs so they are EMV compliant. We also offer EMV kits in stock. If you have questions or need to purchase an EMV kit, contact Molly at 952-887-5285.

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