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Building Relationships

“Am I really starting over?” I asked that of myself a few times this month. For over 10+ years, I felt very comfortable with my ATM business relationships. They had grown organically and continued to grow as I helped secure sites for my ATM distributors. Every day, I put in 110% effort into keeping them organized, getting the deals completed efficiently, and their equipment out to them in short order. It was the daily or weekly act of touching base that grew our business relationship and their trust.

ATM Business Relationships

Now that I’m with Lieberman Companies, I feel like I am being introduced to a whole new market segment. You might think since I’m selling the same product that it would be a piece of cake, but it isn’t, especially if you’re being introduced to second or third generation companies that have many established business relationships. How do I compete with that? I spent a lot of time listening to business owners I met recently and each time I asked what is most important to them I was told it’s how much they would make processing with me. No one said “trust”. No one said “customer service” and no one said “convenience”. All of these are very important and probably rank on their list, but the bottom line was profit.

Trust and the Relationship

We all want to make more money. Most have families to feed, bills to pay, and employees and companies to support so making that all mighty dollar is paramount. What if you made a nice profit but the service was limited? What if you saved money on your equipment but it took much longer to fill your orders? What if you were told you’d make one thing on your processing, but your statement shows you were making something totally different? Where do trust and the relationship you have actually rank? I think a solid relationship is built on days, weeks, years of solid service. Have you been with your current ATM provider for so long that you’ve stopped looking at what is actually reported on your statements and just trusted you were being paid adequately? Like I’ve said, I want you to be happy and I’m not asking you to look for problems, but if there is room for improvement, give me a call at 952-887-5285.

– Molly Stewart, Lieberman Companies

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