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The purpose of my recent trip to New York was a long overdue visit to see customers of mine. It’s amazing to finally put a face to the voices that I’ve been talking to for over 10 years. As it turns out I haven’t been talking with the Simpson’s sisters from the animated TV comedy nor had I been talking with a short, dark haired man with glasses. It’s funny how our mind creates characters from the voices we talk to during our work day.

New York is such a wonderful city filled with awesome people, restaurants, shopping and ATMs everywhere. Locations will seemingly do anything to accommodate a machine to their site. Can’t fit an ATM inside your business? Then put it outside. You’ll get a fine if you mount your ATM to the sidewalk? Then cut off a couple inches off the bottom, levitate it and mount it to the brick wall. Want the ATM outside, but inside too? Then create a recessed opening in the front of your store. It’s the “we’ll make it work” attitude I like best.

New York is also one of the few cities that has a lower than the average surcharge fee. In some areas ATMs are almost on top of one another. The competition doesn’t seem to worry about what kind of ATM is installed – the concern is on what will the surcharge fee be set at. Knowing the averages across the US helps, but knowing the neighborhood and type of business you will be processing from also makes a big difference.

Over the years I’ve seen the fee go from free to $3.00. During that time I’ve learned how my OSO’s (off-site owners) work, what they’re looking for, and their business philosophy and I did this to be better support to them. I truly love working with these people and hope that each time we speak, close on a new account, or solve a problem together we learn something from one another and solidify our mutual trust. I want them to succeed. I want them to feel organized and I want them to feel informed. Wouldn’t it be nice if all our business relationships were like this?

Written by Molly Stewart, Lieberman Companies

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