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I just returned from the ATMIA Conference in Orlando that was held February 14-16, 2017. Here are some topics I thought you may find interesting.

Major processors have started to get fraud claims and pass them on to machine owners. PLEASE COMPLETE YOUR EMV UPGRADES. “Friendly fraud” is a big challenge. A customer can dispute a transaction at a non-EMV terminal even if you know their name. Friendly fraudsters are hitting accounts in smaller amounts but more frequently. $200 at a time can add up quickly. Remember – completing an EMV upgrade means installing the hardware and activating the software.

Under President Trump, enforcement will cease. However, some banks are not aware or are just cutting off ATM/Amusement business anyway. If you run into a bank that is cutting you off, please email me at dan.lieberman@liebermancompanies.com. I will forward info to both the ATMIA and NAC lobbyists. The lobbyists are alerting the Feds to bad behavior by banks and helping to reeducate them.

Some bank-owned ATMs are introducing cardless transactions now. We will keep an eye on it. There are several different technologies and not all require hardware upgrades.

I saw several presentations that show cash is here to stay, although may decline slowly. Millennials use cash at a higher percentage (38%) than any other age group. Cash is also used more by lower income households and for smaller transactions. Apple Pay and mobile wallets represent a very small percentage of transactions. Also certain transactions are more appropriate or required for cash such as pull tabs, gaming, etc. View a study on cash by the SF Federal Reserve.

Surcharge is at $3.00 in most major markets and over $3.00 in some. Good time to review all of your charges and adjust if there is an opportunity to increase surcharge.

Questions? Contact Molly at 952-887-5285 or Trina at 952-887-5232. We appreciate meeting your ATM needs and thank you for your business.

Written by Dan Lieberman, Lieberman Companies

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